This guide will show you how to export all the translations for your instance from within the platform.

Importing and Uploading

First, you will need to find the Export Button in the Manage Translations screen, this will provide you an excel sheet.


Translations Export Layout

Important: Do not change any values in columns A, B and row 1.

  • Column A Name is the label for the phrases.
  • Column B is the Default Value, if no translation has been specified for the currently active language, then this default value will be displayed.
  • Everything right of Column B are translations organised by country and culture. For example, French Canadian would be represented as fr-ca.

For cultures, if translation cell is empty, it will cascade toward the root language and then to default.

Updating the Translations

  • You can delete full rows and columns (except columns A, B and row 1) as the system will only update what is in the spreadsheet and will not delete translations where cells are blank. If you do want to delete a translation, you will need to do this within the main translation interface. 
  • When ready to import, File>Save as> Drop down> CSV UTF 8 (this is an essential step, failure to upload the correct file type could result in corrupted characters).
  • You can check updates by going to manage translations and spot checking phrases, defaults and languages.

  • Here you can check to see that the translation from the export sheet matches up with the relevant language.

  • Finally, push to live to publish.

That's everything you need to know to add or update translations for your gates.

Important Note: When creating or editing fields, rules, validation or anything else with user-facing text, in order to translate this text it must be indexed by the platform before it appears in the translations area. To do this you will need to preview a gate and trigger the new/updated text to show within our admin area. For a field label this would simply be viewing the form. For picklist values that are set by a rule, you will need to trigger the rule. For validation/error messages you will need to trigger this message to display e.g. if you have a regular expression validator to stop the user entering a letter into the phone number field and you want to index the error message text for translation, you will need to trigger the validator by typing a letter into the phone number field. Please note that translation indexing doesn't run on external pages, only within the GCDC admin area.

If you are still having issues, fear not, is on hand, simply click "+ New Support Ticket" above.