Once you have created a gate you will be shown the embed codes for using a gate in a page. You should also see a button to immediately show a preview of the form.

When deploying a gate, you can use one of two embed methods. Each method has its own embed code for each gate.

Modal deployment
A modal gate (a gate that appears over the page as an overlay) is triggered from a link on the page. To deploy a gate like this you simply use the embed code provided as the HREF of the link you want to use. The A tag used can be around a piece of text or an image.

Here is an example embed code for modal gates: #gate-98ea71d5-b820-49dc-acdb-167575509999

An example link using the embed code would look like this: 

<a href=”#gate-98ea71d5-b820-49dc-acdb-167575509999”>Download our latest guide</a>

Inline deployment
An inline gate displays within the page itself. Where you place in the embed code in the page is where the gate will render. Typically, forms are built responsively so will expand to fill the containing element on the page in which you place the embed code.

Here is an example embed code for inline gates:
<div class="gate-98ea71d5-b820-49dc-acdb-167575509999"></div>

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