A gate is defined as a combination of form, gating behavior, messaging and tracking. A gate is designed to convert a user to known in an optimal way in exchange for content or service. It is not just a web form.

Open Gate

An open gate means a gate that does not show its associated form. This might be because the user has already completed the gate or the gate is only designed to perform a blind submit. An open gate will still be performing tracking or form submissions in the background.

Closed Gate

A closed gate is a gate that is showing its form. Gates can switch between open and closed based on their configured behavior.

Blind Submit

A blind submit is a form submission that occurs on the page without being viewed. The user is not aware the submission is occurring. Typically, the submission data uses pre-populated or previously submitted information.

Progressive Profiling

The process of systemically showing different fields in a web form based on a sequence or increasing completeness of a user profile.

Marketing Tech Stack
The platforms and systems present in a company’s technology infrastructure. Typically refers to Marketing Automation, CRM, CMS and web analytics.

CMS Component
Javascript that can be embedded into a CMS (content management system) to allow creation of gates directly within the CMS environment. The component connects back to the web portal and database where gate configurations are stored.

Refers to anything information or service that can be used to perform a transaction with the user, whereby the user provides profile data as part of the exchange. This is most commonly a download or web content, but could equally be registration for something or a request for direct contact with sales.

The web users that visit the business website and will be completing the gating forms.

Web Conversion
The process of making an end-user known to a marketing tech stack. In technical terms the process of connecting a tracking cookie in a web browser to a form submission so that the tracked visitor is connected to a known contact in the Marketing Automation or Analytics system. Known usually means email address is known as a minimum.