While working in the GatedContent.com platform you may want to check any changes before you release them to the web, this can be achieved with Preview Mode

If you make a change in the Translations, Styles, Fields, Form Types or Events Areas you will see a notification at the top of the page.

In this example, I have added some placeholder text.

Once I hit update, I will be returned to the Manage Fields area where I can activate preview mode. 

Preview mode will let you know that it is active with a message in the same area.

I've found a gate that has the comments field and I can see the placeholder text is being previewed. 

I can now either push this change live or deactivate preview mode and go back and remove the changes I made at the beginning. 

All of the areas can be previewed independently, except Manage Form Types and Manage Fields where activating Preview Mode in one will enable it in both. 

Preview Mode functions on a user by user basis so only you will see the changes while it is active and multiple user can use it in parallel.

Got a question about preview mode or having issues? Fear not, GatedContent.com is on hand, simply click "+ New Support Ticket" above.