Progressive profiling is the process for incrementally gaining additional data on a contact through additional form submissions. Progressive profiling allows form fields to be split across multiple steps. Users will see sequential steps each time they view a gate using this form type. 

Important note: Progressive form types are designed to always try to reach end of the progression and will only pause on a step based on field validation. This means any steps where the form already has all the required data from the user will be skipped. It also means that each step must have at least one mandatory field or it will be skipped.

Once the progression has been completed by the user, all fields are displayed and then revert back to their base settings.

To set up this up, navigate to manage form types and select the form type you want to make progressive. 

The toggle is located on the top right and is blue when active, you can also choose the number of steps required. 

Now you need to assign each field to a step in the progression. Fields with no progressive step will always be displayed.

In the field settings, open the Progressive tab. Here you can select which step of the progression you want the field to appear on and whether it should be mandatory or optional. 

Repeat this for every field you want to add to the progression and push the form type live. 

It is recommended to test progressive forms using incognito mode to prevent prepopulation. 

Got questions about progressive profiling? We are here to help, just email or click New Support Ticket above.