With GatedContent.com it is possible to restrict access to gate folders by creating groups. This can be useful for example, in cases where an organization has several regional teams working on a variety of campaigns. 

This functionality is restricted to Administrators. 

To get started navigate to Manage Groups on the lefthand side menu and click create a new group. 

You will need to name the group and provide a brief description explaining what the group is for e.g. "Users in this group have access to all campaign folders in APAC.".

Then select the root folder relevant to this group, in this case, it's APAC. If we wanted to restrict access to a particular folder or campaign the buttons on the righthand side can be used to view subfolders. You can only select one folder per group.

 You will then see the breadcrumb of your selection in the change root folder section.

Users are assigned individually to groups and can only be assigned to one group at a time. To do this go to the Manage Users area, select the user and assign them using the Group dropdown. By clicking on the blue information button you can see all the group descriptions. 

Got questions about gate groups or user management in general? Email support@cirrus1.net or click "New Support Ticket" above.