Say good bye to super long forms and Improve you web conversion rate with a multi-step form. Assigning fields to different steps is a great way to encourage users to complete you form and works perfectly for a questionnaire.

How to set up a Multi-Step Form 

First things first, make sure the multi-step form type has been activated by contacting your account manager. Then head to manage form types and create a new form type using the blue button in the top right hand corner. 

You will see a dropdown labelled form behaviour where you can select standard, progressive and multi-step. Once you have selected multi-step you will need choose the maximum number of steps and assign each field. 

 Once you have saved your new form type and pushed it live, you will be able to assign gates to it in the gate editor.

Got questions about the multi-step form type? Need helping setting it up, email or click "New Support Ticket" above.