With GatedContent.com you have the ability to display form fields at half width. This allows for the creation of fully or partially double column forms. Since this feature does not work with all form styles, it is deactivated by default. If you are interested in using double column form layouts please contact GatedContent.com support to have the suitability of this feature assessed for your particular form styles.

Fields can be placed  in a two column layout by first navigating to the manage form types area. 

Once you have selected the relevant form type scroll down and click the advanced options cog on the field you wish to edit.

Under the Misc. tab, enable the 50% width function and then click update. This means the field will be reduced to 50% width if the screen size allows, allowing fields to stack horizontally. 

You will need to do this for two fields that are next to each other in order to get them to stack successfully. You can then preview or push the changes live and test the new layout on a gate. 

Got questions about two column layouts or need help setting it up? Get in touch at support@gatedcontent.com or click +New Support Ticket above.