Demandbase is a data enrichment platform that allows retrieval of company details based on a company name provided by a user, along with the user's geolocation and IP information.

When integrated with, the company name field on forms will utilize an autocomplete dropdown to offer a list of company names to a user completing the form. On selecting a company name from the list, they will then have the option to pre-populate some form fields as well as allowing the gate to capture additional information about the user’s company into hidden fields. 

Integration requirements

In order to activate the integration, requires the following information:

  • Demandbase API key (normally an eight-digit number or a much longer alphanumeric string, depending on the API version being used)
  • Demandbase API version (e.g. 1.7.2, or 2)
  • A field mapping list. This should consist of the names of your form fields you would like to populate from Demandbase information, and the name of the corresponding Demandbase record field you would like that data to be taken from.