can use the Facebook login feature to allow users to pre-populate some fields on forms by logging into their Facebook account and authorising the page to use their details.

Integration requirements

A Facebook App must first be created from the Facebook for developers dashboard page ( This requires an active Facebook user account that will become the owner of the Facebook app.

Once created, the ‘App Domains’ setting must be updated to include all the domains where forms are intended to be displayed. Failure to do this correctly will prevent the Facebook login from working correctly. Additionally, the app website URL should be set to the primary domain where forms will be displayed.

Additionally, you will also need to add a platform to the application. This should be a website, and should have a URL with the same root domain as the domains that will be used for the app. requires the following information after setup to activate the integration:

  • The App ID, normally a 16 digit number
  • We do not require the app secret at this stage - this should be kept secure
  • To aid with troubleshooting it is advisable to add a developer to the app. Contact your account manager to find out who you should add.