• The Webinar Management Module can be enabled by your Account Manager and is included for Enterprise level accounts. 
  • You will need to provide your account manager with the Webinar ID Field Name that will be included in form submissions. 
  • You will also need to let your account manager know if Webinar functionality should be restricted to certain form types.
  • In the manage form types area:
    • You can restrict Webinar functionality to specific gate types
    • You can select where in the form type the webinar fields will appear, these are added to the bottom of the field by default

Webinar Permissions Management 

If your instance includes the Permissions Manager, you can customise which user roles have access to and can edit webinars. By default only Administrators have access to the webinar management area. Gate editors can assign webinars to gates but cannot add, edit or delete them. There are two levels of access available:

  • Manage webinars gives this user role access to the entire Webinar Management Area
  • Manage webinar sessions means this user role can only access and edit sessions. 

Creating Webinars

First, navigate to the Manage Webinars Area and you will see all live and previous webinars in a table. Previous webinars are not automatically removed so be sure to delete them once they are no longer needed. 

  1. Click "+ Create a new Webinar", provide a user friendly and click create.
  2. Click "Add a webinar session" and complete the fields. Each session must correspond with a scheduled webinar in your external platform.
  3. With the Session Topic field you can either selected an existing topic from the drop down or begin typing to add a new one.
  4. The session time zone should apply to where the webinar is being hosted from. The gate's Date/Time will automatically update to the region of the web user. 
  5. Field updates can be used to update fields with a static string value e.g. updating Campaign IDs

Assigning Webinars to Gates

  1. Select a Gate Type where the Webinar Module is activated
  2. Select a Webinar from the dropdown

Additional Notes

  • In the gate editor you will only be able to select webinars that have at least one session in the future
  • Previous sessions will not appear on live gates. 
  • When the gate is displayed to a user on a web page there are three conditions where the date and session fields will be combined.
    • If there is only one session 
    • Only one topic
    • Every topic only has one session

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