This article will show you how to install the script to your webpages. 

1.0 Log In

The first step in deploying gates to your website is to log in at


1.1 Navigate to the Installation Script

Using the navigation menu on the left-hand side of the page select Installation Script

1.2 Copy the Installation Script

By placing this code on every page of your website you will be deploying gates to it will allow users to be tracked and forms to render. 

2.0 Installing the Script

Paste the script just before the closing body tag in your web template. Ensure you have added this script to every web page that you will be deploying gates to. 

3.0 Checking Successful Installation

Great! You have followed steps 1 and 2, now its time to check everything is working smoothly. 

3.1 Test a Gate

The easiest way to check for successful installation is to embed a gate on a page see if it loads as expected. 

Unsure how to do this? Check out this article on Deploying Gates

4.0 Troubleshooting

4.1 Is my Gate Loading?

To check if the script is loading properly, open a website page where you have installed the script and open the console. In Chrome, you can find the developer tools in the menu under, More Tools > Developer Tools or you can use the shortcut Cntrl+Shift+I.

Once the console has loaded type GCDC into the input line and press enter. If the gate is failing to load you will see an error message like this:

4.3 Double Install

It is very important that the script only appears once in any given page. Having more that one can affect gate rendering and functionality. 

To check this, again you will want to open the console (Cntrl+Shift+I) and inspect elements. 

In the elements tab search (Cntrl F) type and see if the script appears. Please note, if you are using a tag manager you cannot use view page source to check presence of the gated content script, it must be done in the elements tab. 

Now you want to check that the installation script from step 1.2 only appears once in the elements tab. 

5.0 Support

If you are still having issues, fear not, is on hand, simply click "+ New Support Ticket" above.