There are a few reasons a form submission is not appearing in your marketing automation platform. This article will explain the steps necessary to identify the source of the issue. 

1. Check the Submission URL

Navigate to the Manage Form Types Area in the platform and select the relevant form type. 

Here you will find a field called Submission URL, which should contain the URL to the master form in your marketing automation platform. 

This should be valid, well-formed https URL where form submissions will be sent to via HTTP POST. It is important that the form at this destination URL is capable of receiving all fields on the form.

2. Validation

It is vital that any field validation in your receiving form has been deactivated. gates carry out their own validation and server-side validation can interfere with this process causing form submissions to be lost. often this will happen silently without the user being aware the data failed to submit.

This is a particular problem in Eloqua which will automatically activate validation for certain fields. It is critical that you check every field on the receiving form and ensure all validation options are deactivated. 

3. Check that Data is Leaving the Page

Open the page in your browser that contains the gate and open developer tools, you can do this by right-clicking and selecting inspect. Make sure you have the network tab open and submit the form. Once the form has been submitted you should see the data in the network tab, with a status code of 200. If this is not the case please send an email to with a screenshot. 

The destination URL varies by platform for example, in Eloqua the name of the receiving platform is usually F2.

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