is able to pre-populate gate forms based on information already known about the user. This includes working alongside your marketing automation platform (MAP) to retrieve details about them from your contact database where the user is known to the marketing automation platform based on their tracking cookies.

Being in your MAP database is not enough for the user to be known to MAP on a specific webpage. In order to achieve this, MAPs use tracking cookies, and it must be able to associate the specific cookie ID for that user back to their contact profile.

First-party cookies
Using first-party cookies for tracking is increasingly common as they are less likely to be blocked. If you are using first-party cookies with your MAP, then the track ID within the cookie is specific to each user on EACH separate subdomain and does not automatically transfer from one subdomain to another. Further information regarding first-party Eloqua cookies is detailed here.

If a user is not currently known against a specific cookie ID, then to become known they must either complete a form on that subdomain that includes their email address or navigate to the webpage by clicking a link in an email that originated from your MAP and contains a recipient ID unique to that user.