Dun & Bradstreet is a data enrichment platform that allows retrieval of company details based on a company name or email provided by a user, along with the user's geolocation and IP information.

GatedContent.com allows you to integrate with Dun & Bradstreet's Visitor Intelligence services enabling data enrichment on your web forms. This is achieved by utilising the Dun & Bradstreet VI Form Fill function.

When integrated with GatedContent.com, the company or email field will trigger a data look-up and autocomplete the rest of the web form. The user is able to update any information and submit the form. Additional information about the user’s company can be populated into hidden fields. 

Integration requirements

In order to activate the integration, GatedContent.com requires the following information to be added in the Apps area:

  • VI Form Fill API key e.g. vff12778
  • Any URLs where DnB functionality should be restricted - optional
  • Explicit field mapping - pipe separated, one field per line, in the format: gcdcFieldKey|dnbFieldName e.g.
    • $DnBFirstName|firstName
    • $DnBLastName|lastName
    • $DnBPersonalPhone|telephoneNumber

For the integration to function properly both email and company fields must be present on the form type. These fields can then be hidden using a rule if you don't want the user to see them.