has the ability to track users across multiple subdomains by utilising a cookie, and ensure that UTM values and other session details are consistent across all gate activity. To enable this functionality, please talk to your account manager.

To ensure consistent session details across subdomains ensure that the script is present on all pages you wish to track.

You will need to provide your account manager with a referrer root domain. Any referrer URL that includes this domain will not be considered as an external referrer. This will also be the domain that cookies will be set against if cookie-based tracking is active (se below). All subdomains that the user will be tracked across must extend this domain. E.g. if a user is to be tracked across, and, the root domain is

It is also possible to enable tracking cookies. This allows tracking of users' sessions across multiple related client subdomains by dropping a third party cookie against a root domain. 

Additionally, using the domain whitelist you can optionally specify a whitelist of domains that users should be tracked across. Any domains listed here must extend the root domain above. If empty, all domains matching the root domain above will be considered as part of the session. Otherwise any domains not listed here will not be considered as part of the same session, even if they extend the root domain above.