If your gate is not loading or submitting properly here are a few simple debugging techniques you can use to identify the source of the issue.

Installation Script

The GatedContent.com installation script must be present on every page you want to deploy gates. You can read more on where to find and how to install the script here. It is best practice to ensure that the script only appears once on each page. If you use the GatedContent.com staging for testing, make sure you are using the script from the correct environment (production or staging as required).

To locate the installation script in a webpage, open developer tools or right click and inspect the page, then use find (ctrl-f) to locate the script. Searching "gatedcontent" or the URL that starts "https://app.gatedcontent.com/script/".

Gate Embed Codes

The fastest way to locate a gate embed code is to inspect the submit button of the gate itself or the modal link. 

Check that this embed code matches the one generated in the GatedContent.com platform and there are no 3rd party scripts that could be causing interference. An important note here is to check that you have used a modal or inline embed code. For modal gates simply use the embed code provided as the HREF of the link you want to use, there is no need to create your own modal and deploy an inline gate inside as this will not function properly.  More information on deploying gates can be found here

If you have completed these steps and your gate is still not rendering, email support@cirrus1.net or click "new support ticket" above.